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Whether you are planning a vacation, organizing an event, or coordinating business travel – you stumbled upon here for the same reason. You are looking into hiring a chauffeur service.

Finding a reliable chauffeur service provider can be a tedious task. There are hundreds of chauffeur companies offering transport services, choosing one that suits your needs best can be difficult and confusing. However, possible. All you need to do is establish a set of criteria based on the travel and personal requirements.

Cost of Chauffeur Services

Cost of Chauffeur Service

When looking to hire transport services, travelers and travel coordinators tend to focus on costs. It is undeniable how cost influences our decisions when it comes to choosing transport services, anything for that matter. Of course, we all want to get value out of our money.

When it comes to transport services, travelers miss connecting between the cost services offers and their inclusions. For example, some travelers and travel managers are more likely to book a car rental service than a chauffeured limousine service, because of the difference in the costs.

At first glance, car rental services are much cheaper than a chauffeur service. That is, without considering the extra charges and expenses that come along with car rentals – fuel, toll fees, insurance, licensing fees, and more.

With a chauffeur service, however, rates are all-inclusive. No extra charges or hidden fees. And you do not have to drive yourself around, instead, get chauffeured by a professional limousine service driver.

Chauffeur Services & Safety

Chauffeur Service & Safety
Chauffeur Services & Safety

During your travels, you will be spending a lot of time on the road with your chauffeur. You must pick a chauffeur service provider that upholds a high standard of safety protocols.

Their vehicles must be well-maintained and regularly conditioned.  Check for the age of their fleet, safety features of their vehicles, and insurance coverage.

Their chauffeurs must have all the proper training, licenses, and certification of drug and alcohol testing compliance. And must have gone through a thorough background check.

In addition to vehicle and driver safety protocols, the chauffeur service company must also have a set of safety guidelines on Covid-19.

Chauffeur Services & Comfort

Chauffeur Service & Comfort
Chauffeur Services & Comfort

One of the reasons travelers hire a chauffeur service is to make sure they have a comfortable and reliable ride throughout their trip. So, when choosing a chauffeur service, check the amenities available in their vehicles. Make sure to get a breakdown of what’s included in their service package, do they have free wifi onboard? Do they offer meet-and-greets for airport transfers? Things like that. Make sure to look for reviews about the company too. See what previous clients say.

Chauffeur Service Invoicing & Billing

Chauffeur Service Invoicing & Billing
Chauffeur Service Invoicing & Billing

When booking a chauffeured limousine service, make sure to be clear about their billing and payment terms. Do they provide a legitimate invoice? How do they collect your personal and bank information? Ask about credit and payment terms. And make sure to confirm that you are dealing with a legitimate business before you disclose any confidential information, especially involving money.

These are just a few of the criteria to investigate when choosing a chauffeur service provider.  Thoroughly assessing each factor involved will help you decide and pick the right chauffeur service that best suits your needs.

Although, in case you need a suggestion, Titanium Limousines offer reasonably priced chauffeur services – ranging from airport transfers, hourly disposals, corporate travels, and more. The company has a huge fleet of premier chauffeur vehicles, each as luxurious and comfortable as the other. For inquiries, email us at