Limousine Service Singapore: First-time Business Travel Checklist

Limousine Service Singapore: First-time Business Travel Checklist

December 24, 2020

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The corporate world is an exciting place. Challenging, yet full of opportunities. The chances to evolve and grow, to be financially stable, the chance at mentorship, and to experience the business and corporate world first-hand, opportunities are endless.  The corporate world, however, is not at all rainbows and butterflies. There can be challenges and only those who are tough enough survive.

One thing to get ready for when working in the corporate world is representing your company on a business trip. At first glance, the chance to travel for free is enticing. But remember, your company is entrusting you with the responsibility to deal with business on their behalf. Can you?

Chauffeur Service - Business Travel Checklist
Chauffeur Service – Business Travel Checklist

For the first time business traveler, things can be overwhelming. And before the pressure gets to your nerves, let us give you a checklist to help you prepare.

Make Sure You Have a Passport

A considerably basic requirement but is often neglected. Before you get caught in all the excitement of your first business trip, make sure your travel documents are ready.

You will be surprised at how many people forget their passports before they go on a trip. Understandable, since business trips can be overwhelming. With so many things you must think and prepare for, you sometimes forget the most obvious ones. 

If you’re traveling internationally, make sure your passport is valid for up to six months. This is the general rule for almost every country. It is important that you check your passport validity, as you may not be allowed to travel if you don’t have six months left on it.

Set your Goals

Knowing the purpose of your task is your key matter for every business trip.

Make sure to set your goals, set your objectives, this way you can think in advance and prepare for what’s to come. Make a list of things you need to achieve, what do you have to do, and how will you do it. This will ensure that when the day finally comes, you have everything you need and you have everything you can ever need.

Keep Yourself Healthy

A business trip is not the time and place for you to be ill. You have to be your best self in situations as important as these.

Make sure you are updated with your vaccinations. Visit your primary care physician at the earliest possible time as scheduling them can take time. Get a general health check-up, to make sure you are fit to travel. Stock up on the important medications as well, in case of emergencies.

Do Your Research

Countries have different customs and cultures. What’s acceptable in your county might be offensive in another. Avoid awkward situations by preparing in advance and doing your research.

What are their basic greetings and how you can follow it with a handshake? What are the basic laws of the country? Are there any words you might avoid saying?

Make sure to research how to stay safe during your travel, the emergency hotline, and where to go when an emergency happens.

Pack Light, Pack Smart

When going away for a business trip, pack only the necessary. Plan your outfits

You will likely need to look smart, so plan your outfits for the entire trip so you only bring the clothes you need and not overpack. You may bring a few extras as well; in case some mishaps happen.

Get Travel Insurance

Protect yourself and your belongings during your travels.

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and you don’t want to be caught in one while abroad. Be sure to have a word with your company about travel insurance so you won’t suffer from a denied insurance claim and jam-packed medical bills to be paid, in case something happens.

Hire a Chauffeur Service

Business engagement schedules can get hectic. For first-timers, the pressure can be overwhelming. Plus, when you’re abroad, directions and public transport may be confusing and you will end up worrying more about how to get around rather than preparing for your meetings.

Hire a chauffeur service to take you around for the entirety of your trip. Chauffeur services offer airport transfers so they can pick you up from the moment you land and also take you from the hotel to the airport when you get back. They have hourly chauffeur service booking offers as well, so they can take you from one meeting venue to another

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