Limousine Service Singapore: Qualities of an Exceptional Chauffeur

Limousine Service Singapore: Qualities of an Exceptional Chauffeur

August 4, 2020

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Exceptional chauffeurs make great limousine service experience. But what defines an exceptional chauffeur? With many options available in the market, how exactly do you choose the best limousine service provider? When on the road, your chauffeur is your best friend. Your schedule, itinerary, and even your life lies in their hands. That is why it is important to choose a reliable and efficient limo service company. In this article we have compiled the qualities that make an exceptional chauffeur, to help you choose the right limousine service provider for your next trip. 

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Qualities of an Exceptional Chauffeur

Excellent Customer Service

When hiring a limousine company, expect a service that goes above and beyond. A good chauffeur should be knowledgeable and trained on how to properly treat clients. Apart from ensuring the guests’ safety, and delivering professional limo service, a great chauffeur do not just stop on what is required, they do more than what’s necessary to give guests a satisfactory limo service experience. 

An exceptional chauffeur knows the balance between friendliness and formal respect. They will lend a hand for your luggage, open the door for you, make sure you are comfortable on your seat, offer water, and keep you company yet know when to provide privacy. When you need help with orienting to your new location, he’ll recommend the best places or act as your guide, providing accurate, helpful advice. He knows the best route to take you to your destination safe and fast. If you want to do a little exploring, he’ll be happy to take the scenic route so you can bask in the local sights. 

Professional Service

Excellent chauffeurs exude professionalism. From the driver’s crisp and clean attire, to how carries himself in front of the guests, display of respect and courtesy, polite way of communicating, and his way of assisting the clients. Professional chauffeurs value guests’ time, a high-quality chauffeur is time-conscious and punctual. They will arrive early and ensure that the chauffeured vehicle is waiting at the pickup spot as soon as clients are ready to go. 


Among all the qualities to look for a limo service company and private chauffeurs, this is the most important one. A chauffeur should be licensed, experienced, and well-trained. They should be well adept with the vehicle they’re driving, and the routes to go. On top of it all, a great chauffeur must know how to address emergency situations. When enquiring with limousine service companies, ask about how they screen their chauffeurs and what trainings they provide.

Well-tended vehicles 

Great limousine service companies give importance to their vehicles. Appropriately so as it’s the face of their business. While companies regularly schedule a professional routine cleaning, servicing, and maintenance to make sure their fleet is always in the best condition – it’s the chauffeurs’ responsibility to tend and maintain the vehicle while on the road. This is especially important today, with the threat of the pandemic. A great chauffeur must know the importance of following safety protocols, making sure to maintain the cleanliness of the car. Wipe frequently touched surfaces and clean the seats before picking up guests. 

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