Chauffeur Service Singapore: Tips That Will Guarantee a Stress-Free Trip in Singapore

Chauffeur Service Singapore: Tips That Will Guarantee a Stress-Free Trip in Singapore

December 6, 2020

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Planning a trip can be both super fun and stressful. Planning itineraries, researching places to visit, planning outfits, listing fun, must-try activities, day-dreaming about sipping piña coladas by the pool – so exciting! Bet you cannot wait for anymore. Although, it can get stressful too. Especially if you’re dealing with the not-so-pleasant parts like budgeting perhaps, or looking for reasonable accommodations, booking flights, things like that. Just remember it will be worth it in the end. And to make sure you get the full fun experience, minus the stress – here are a few helpful tips.

Pack Smart and Light

You know how they say, “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”? Well in this case, no. You do not need to take your whole wardrobe with you. No matter how tempted you are to take all your nice outfits, so you take Instagram pics on vacation. Travel light, save your energy for sightseeing, not hauling luggage full of unnecessary stuff. Not only will it save you added costs of carrying excess luggage, but it will also make it easier for your travel around and make space for you to bring souvenirs back home. Pack smart, instead. Bring travel-sized toiletries, bring clothes you can mix and match, avoid bringing bulky items, and look up how to roll and fold your things to maximize space in your luggage.

Research your Destination

Nothing ruins a great vacation than getting lost and not knowing what to do or where to go. Sure, the concept of traveling is to explore unfamiliar places, but that doesn’t mean go there blind. Make sure to research ahead of time so you can plan your activities accordingly. Find out the best places to eat, where the best accommodations are, how to get around, which attractions to visit, and access to clinics and hospitals in case of some emergencies. You should also try to find out the culture, the people, and the laws of the place you’re visiting to avoid the risk of getting in trouble.

Dress for the Occasion

Don’t get caught wearing fleece, winter jacket in a tropical country. This is why you need to research your destination, so you can plan and iron out every detail of your trip.

When coming to Singapore, make sure to pack light and breezy clothing, it gets hot in here. Bring comfortable shoes as well, you’ll be walking a lot, especially if you’d like to get a good view of the attractions here.

Prepare an Emergency Pack

You never know when an emergency happens, so you need to be prepared, especially when in a foreign country. Make sure to make a list of things you might need when an emergency happens. This is especially important when you’re traveling with family. Sometimes all it takes is a little scrape on the knee for a child to throw a fit and ruin the trip.

Here are some items you should keep in your emergency kit.

  • Cold & stomach flu medicine
  • Painkillers, anti-nausea pills
  • Band-Aids, Antiseptics
  • Medicated oil
  • Sunscreen
  • Mask
  • Sanitizers
  • Tissue / Wet wipes
  • Travel mending kit
  • Powerbanks

Keep Digital Copies of Your Documents

Make sure you have digital copies of important travel documents, in case, for some unfortunate reason, you lose your stuff. We have heard multiple stories of people losing their bags and they get in so much trouble. Avoid such a situation by making sure you have digital copies of your documents on your phone, and in the cloud.

Keeping a copy of your boarding pass and plane tickets on your phone will help you at the airport as well. Instead of fumbling around your bag looking for your things, you can just show airport and immigration officers your phone.

Here are some of the important documents you should consider:

  • IDs
  • Passport and Visa
  • Flight Details, Boarding Passes
  • Booking Details (Hotels, attractions)
  • Itineraries
  • Travel insurance policies

Keep Entertained

Long haul-flights and layovers can be boring. Make sure to bring something that would help you pass the time. Load your phones with movies, or TV series you enjoy. Download a game. Bring a book. And if you’re traveling with kids, bring a few coloring books so they can enjoy themselves while waiting. You may want to load up their favorite shows as well, in case the coloring books just won’t cut.

Forget about Work

We go on holidays to unwind and relax. Sometimes, work get so stressful that we need time to get away to get a fresh start. To enjoy your vacation, it is important that you completely disconnect from work, give yourself time to relax.

To do such, make sure to make the necessary arrangement with your colleague and management team. So someone can take over your responsibilities for a while. Don’t forget to set an auto-reply email to let those who contact you email know that you are unavailable as of the moment. Make sure to include your return date so they know when to expect your response. This way you can check and deal with work emails at your own pace, at your own time. Remember, unless the issue is urgent and only you can fix the situation, it’s okay to forget about work.

Hire a Chauffeur Service

When visiting unfamiliar destinations, finding your way around public transportation can be exceedingly difficult. This can be a struggle if you are following an itinerary and a rigid schedule. The stress of navigating around, fumbling on maps, and getting lost can take all fun away from your vacation.

To ensure all the family members enjoy the trip, hire a chauffeur service. With a full-fledge chauffeur service, you do not need to worry about trying to navigate through heavy traffic and locate the places you intend to visit. From the moment you land at the airport, your chauffeur will be waiting to take you to your hotel accommodation. From there, you can choose where to go next and your chauffeur will take you.

With a private limousine and chauffeur service, you do not have to worry about directions, traffic, fuel, parking, or route planning. Your private chauffeur will do all that for you. Just sit back and enjoy the sights along the way.

With a chauffeur service, you can go wherever you want. You can stay at an attraction and enjoy the activities and the views to your heart’s content, take all your time. And when you’re ready to go, your chauffeur service will be waiting for you, ready to take you to your next destination.

Your chauffeur service knows their way around the area, they have been driving along these roads for years. They know the fastest routes and can find an alternative in case of traffic snarl-ups. This way you can visit plenty of places. Your chauffeur may even know a few hidden gems that are not on your travel list. You may even ask for their insights about the local attraction.

Hiring a chauffeur service is the most convenient and cost-effective choice. Find out how Titanium Limousines can help you on your next Singapore trip. 

So, ready to travel yet?

Chauffeur Service Singapore
Limousine Service Singapore: Tips That Will Guarantee a Stress-Free Trip in Singapore

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