Limousine Service Singapore: Guide to Travelling During and After Covid

Limousine Service Singapore: Guide to Travelling During and After Covid

November 26, 2020

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With news of successful trials from vaccine developers and researchers, it looks like we are finally seeing light at the end of this tunnel. While there is no definite information with regards to distribution yet, we are still hopeful and definitely looking forward to the end of this pandemic.

Now comes the question, what happens after this, what is next? Will everything go back to how it used to be? Will we have our normal back?

Among the many things we have missed during all these restrictions and lockdowns, travelling is probably high up on the list of things all of us cannot wait to do once the virus is gone. If anything, Covid allowed us to rethink why we travel. Months and months of confinement and barely getting out of our homes gave travelling a whole new meaning, and we sure cannot wait to be out and about again. It is only now that we realize, travelling truly is a privilege, and one we should never take for granted.

Chauffeur Service - Travel After Covid

With many countries successfully combating the virus, we are feeling positive about our future travels. As early as now, some countries have already eased travel restrictions and partially opened their borders. It won’t be long until we can all start travelling again. However, many things needs to be considered. As experts have warned, we are not truly safe until there are widely available vaccines. So, here’s a short guide to safe travelling after Covid.

Be Informed

Before booking accommodations and flights, make sure to research travel requirements and restrictions. Some countries request a negative Covid Swab Test result, and some even require a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. Make sure to know all the requirements so you can plan accordingly. 

Be Cautious

You want to make sure you have everything that you need to keep yourself and the people around you safe. Prepare your “personal protective gear”, bring mask, sanitizers, face shields – everything. You might also consider getting tested, just to be sure you are fit to travel and to ensure everyone around you is safe.

You also need to prepare for Karens and Mr. Karens who might think they’re so special that they do not need masks or stand 6 ft apart away. It can get uncomfortable but, there’s a pandemic so you either adjust to the situation and move a bit farther, or you can maybe speak up – politely of course.

Get out there

We can’t wait for things to go back to normal. Because with the uncertainties surrounding this pandemic – we don’t know for sure when we can have our old lives back. It can be sooner, it can later – we don’t know. 

Get out there, live your life. Compromise wherever you can – just not on safety. Follow protocols, be cautious. If we can’t have our old life back, maybe its time to live a new one. 

Explore Your Options

Aside from flying, you might want to consider chauffeured limousine service for your travels. Unless of course such option is impossible. 

Chauffeur services would allow you to travel around the city, or even cross country with minimal people interaction. Keeping the risk of Covid at the margin. On top of that, you enjoy privacy, VIP service, and a chauffeured ride at your disposal. 

Learn more about Titanium Limousines’ VIP Chauffeur Service and Limousine Service in Singapore. Check out our Safety Guidelines.

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