Limousine Service Singapore: Business Travel Dilemmas and How to Avoid Them

Limousine Service Singapore: Business Travel Dilemmas and How to Avoid Them

January 20, 2021

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Traveling for business involves a lot of planning and preparation. With business at stake, everything must run as smoothly as possible. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things don’t go according to plan. And when things take unexpected turns, we panic and get frustrated – losing sight of our real purpose. But on the bright side, these issues are avoidable, manageable at the least. And to help you out, we’ve got a few tips for you.

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Packing for business trips is different than packing for a vacation. It’s a lot more pressure. You need to pack your smartest and sharpest clothes, your daily essentials, your travel documents, and most importantly, you must bring all the important documents and materials for your business engagements. So, how do you make sure you do not forget to pack all the necessary things you needed for your trip?

Schedule ahead of time for preparing, so you have a clear mind of what needs to be packed, and you have ample time to double-check everything in your luggage. You can try preparing a checklist as well.  Keeping an account of what needs to be packed will help you save time and unnecessary stress.

Overbooked Flight

Airlines want to make sure their flights are filled to maximum capacity. They overbook tickets, in anticipation that some passengers might not show up. In cases that everyone shows up and there aren’t seats, the airline might ask around if anyone is willing to give up their seats in exchange for certain compensation. If no one volunteers, then there’s a possibility that you can be denied boarding.

To avoid such a situation, make sure to check-in and arrive early at the gate. Some airline regulations state that passengers who appear at least 15 – 30 minutes before your scheduled flight, might lose their bookings.

Delayed Flight

Unlike overbookings. There is no way around this one. Delays due to weather or engine problems are unavoidable. And the worst part, it could ruin your entire schedule.

Book your flights a day ahead, this way there is plenty of buffer between your travel time and your scheduled business engagements. We all know that important meetings with colleagues and partners are never to be missed.

Lost Passport

Nothing is more stressful than losing your passport while traveling abroad. You can get in trouble for it.

The first thing to do is to file a police report. Then contact your country’s embassy to report your missing passport, and wait for their advice.  Another way to prepare for such a situation is to prepare digital copies of your important travel documents and saving them on the cloud. This way, even if something unfortunate happens, it’ll be a lot easier to try and prove your identity when you have proof of who you are, even if it’s not physical.

Lost Luggage

On rare occasions, luggage gets mixed up, sometimes even lost.

Make sure to tag your bag with a copy of your itinerary and contact info so that the airline knows how to contact you, in case. To avoid any ruckus about losing valuable business documents, put them in your carry on instead of check-in bags.

You Fall Ill

Nothing ruins a business trip other than becoming ill and sick. Sometimes even simple flu is capable of taking you down. Make sure to get yourself checked weeks before your scheduled business trip, this is so your physician can advise with vitamins and supplements you can take to help ensure your stay healthy throughout the trip. Make sure to bring an emergency kit as well, stocked with medications such as painkillers, antihistamines, antacids, anti-diarrhea, and Cough and cold medications.

Avoid unnecessary stress as well. Make sure to arrange your responsibilities at work before leaving, delegate tasks to your colleague so you don’t worry about them while you are away. Make sure to get proper accommodation too. It’s important as you need a relaxing and peaceful environment after day-long business meetings and arrangements. Make sure to hire a chauffeur service or a VIP limousine service too, this way you don’t need to stress about getting to your venues and appointments.

Transportation Problems

One of the worst problems you may encounter when on a business trip is transportation problems. Picture this scenario, you are standing at a hotel lobby, waiting for a taxi to take you to your meeting, you wait and wait, nothing. You’re running late now, the taxi finally came but the traffic is horrible, the street is congested. You miss the meeting. You did not fly international just so you can miss important business meetings, did you?

Make sure to arrange transport services before your business trip. Look for reliable limousine and chauffeur services in the area. Limousine service providers are the most reliable transportation option. It’s their business to ferry business VIPs such as yourself during business engagements. Expect to be chauffeured by a sharply dressed and accommodating driver, aboard a sophisticated vehicle. Avoid any ground transportation dilemmas with a limousine service.

As a bonus, these chauffeur services offer a variety of transport options. You can choose to be picked up from the airport with an airport transfer chauffeur service, with a complimentary meet and greet, plus you can relax while you travel to your hotel. By the end of your business trip, your chauffeur service can take you to the airport too, hassle-free. And of course, you can opt for hourly limousine services throughout your business trip so you can conveniently get around.

Oftentimes when traveling, we’re bound to hit some snags along the way. That’s why we must anticipate potential problems, so we are prepared and ready to address them.

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