Limousine Singapore: Myths About Limousine Services You Should Never Believe

Limousine Singapore: Myths About Limousine Services You Should Never Believe

July 7, 2020

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Limousine Services are Only for the Rich & Famous

Limousine Service

This is probably the most common misconception about the Limousine Transport Service Industry. Truth is, limo services can be very affordable it can be cheaper than taking a cab or other private hire vehicles.

Most of the time, clients associate limousine service with luxury and expect the service to be expensive. Although this is partly true, the opulence and comfort that comes along Limousine Services are very affordable. Look at it this way – instead of waiting around for Taxi or Grab service, you can have a limo and a private chauffeur at your disposal. Rates for taxis and private hires vary per situation, depending on the density of traffic, the weather, and location, fares can be unpredictable. Limousine services on the other hand offer fixed prices so you can set a budget based on your schedule.

Limousines Services are Not for Kids

Imagine going on holiday with your kids. Hauling them around in a strange, unfamiliar place can turn a happy vacay into a hellish experience. Make the most of your vacation with a Limousine Service. With a limo service, you have your private chauffeur take you from one tourist destination to another without the hassle of waiting and struggling to hail a car. You save time, you can visit more places – making the most of your trip, and your kids are safe and comfortable.

Limousines Services Not Suitable for Long Drives

Most people think that limousine services are only meant for short-range use, like parties and in-city roadshows. Although most of our services here at Titanium are short distances, we also offer chauffeur services for trips to Malaysia.

For tours and business trips that extend across the border, our limo service could be a convenient and practical choice. Unlike traveling via bus or rail, private vehicles go through separate lanes so you can skip the long lines at the immigration. Our professional chauffeurs will ensure your safety and comfort, making the long drive as relaxing as it can be.

Limousines Services Offer Old Models for Rent

To ensure reliable and efficient limo and chauffeur service, Titanium Limousines maintain a fleet of modern and lower mileage vehicles. With newer models, guests get the added benefit of state-of-the-art amenities, and much more comfortable interiors. On the other hand, when guests request for a classic ride, we also offer Old Mercedes S-Class.

Limousines Services are Only for Business Executives

Businessmen and corporate companies hire limousine services for many different. A few of the particular reasons are efficiency, convenience, schedule, and of course maintaining a professional image. However, guests other than businessmen can also benefit the same way from limousines and chauffeur services. Limousines are great for tours, weddings, birthdays, and all sorts of events. Limousine services are very much capable of providing a transport service for a bigger crowd. And can do so with opulence and class – an experience everyone deserves once in a while.


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