Limousine Service Singapore: A Comparison between Chauffeur Service and Taxi / PHV Transport

Limousine Service Singapore: A Comparison between Chauffeur Service and Taxi / PHV Transport

July 18, 2020

Chauffeur Service Singapore | Titanium Limousines

From time to time, we all deserve to experience a bit of luxury, don’t we? Working so hard all the time, we are overdue for a rewarding break. Go on a vacay, cross out a place from your bucket list, and if you’re leaning towards visiting Singapore – we have just the right thing for you.

Take your Singapore experience to a whole new level with Titanium Limousines Private Chauffeur and Limousine Service. Whether its for a vacation, a business trip, a special event, a marketing roadshow – Titanium Limousines will sure make the experience a lot more special.

Chauffeur Service

Why hire a Chauffeur Service?

If you need any more convincing, let us lay out a few reasons why you should hire a Chauffeur Service.

When you are in a foreign country, not quite familiar with the streets and running after a tight schedule, hiring someone to drive and get you to places will make things easier. Not to mention safer and a lot more comfortable.

If you are concerned with the cost, you might be surprised to hear that limousine services and private chauffeur service can actually be affordable. Especially after you factor in the amount of privacy you get, the safety and comfort of a vehicle dedicated just for you, and the fact that you have your schedule in your hands.

With a chauffeur service, you get the most of your vacation. Simply because you won’t be wasting time queuing at the taxi lane or getting lost in the public transpo. With a Limousine Service, you get around faster, plus your chauffeur can offer tips and on which to spots to visit, where the best places to eat are, and interesting facts about the country that only locals know.

The Comparison between Chauffeur Service and Taxi / PHV Transport

While there are plenty of merits to public transportation, i.e. cheaper fare – there are a few disadvantages as well. You might find yourself rushing to catch up on the train only to end up in a cabin that is too packed to be boarded. Buses are convenient too, but their routes usually cover a lot of ground, so it is not exactly the best way to get to places fast.

If you find yourself rushing for an urgent meeting or a special event, or maybe just trying to make the most of a very short trip – you would not want to be left stranded without a reliable ride.


Safety is a priority. Chauffeur under Limousine Service Providers have gone through extensive background checks, training, and has years and years of experience in the industry. Limousine Transport Services are to comply with various licensing requirements before they are allowed to offer services on the road.  On top of all that, most limousine and chauffeur services are monitored by an operations team that is on standby, ready to provide assistance in case unforeseen incidents come up. 


While anybody who knows how to handle steering can be a driver, not everyone can be a chauffeur.  Every chauffeur is a driver but not every driver is a chauffeur. A chauffeur isn’t just a fancy name for drivers. Chauffeurs are professionals in the field. Limousine service companies have high standards when it comes to hiring their chauffeurs. This is how the Limo Service industry maintains professionalism in the industry.

Service Quality

If there is one thing that separates Limousine Service from Public Transport and PHVs, it is the quality. The bar is set too high for Limo Service Companies, so expect nothing but top of line service.  Taxi rides are meant to be fast and drivers are often after higher revenue, so their focus is picking up as many passengers as possible so they drive quick which leaves little to no room for personalized service or even quick car maintenance after every pickup.

Limousine Service companies focus on client satisfaction. This way, limo services can accommodate all requests from clients and provide a highly personalized service, keeping them comfortable and relaxed all throughout their journey.

Cleanliness, Relaxation, & Satisfaction

A clean and comfortable ride is important, especially during the times today where we’re experiencing a pandemic. Public transportation and taxis don’t usually have time to stop and clean out their vehicles until the end of the day. Limousine service companies on the other hand make it a point to maintain a clean and comfortable fleet of vehicles. Cars are wiped down and cleaned every after dropping off. Chauffeurs are dressed sharply, looking very neat and professional. So, you are guaranteed a relaxed and satisfactory journey aboard a clean and hygienic ride.


Before deciding on the mode of transportation, remember to consider your needs and requirements. And if you’re leaning into hiring a limousine service, check out Titanium Limousines for a top of the line, quality limousine service in Singapore.

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