Limousine Service Singapore: Chauffeur Service & The New Normal

Limousine Service Singapore: Chauffeur Service & The New Normal

November 30, 2020

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We’ve been enduring this horrible pandemic for almost a year now. At this point, it’s safe to say that the situation has brought dramatic change to everyone’s lives. No one was exempted from the turmoil, even the corporate industry. It’s sad hearing news of hundreds and thousands being retrenched from their jobs. The pandemic has extensively affected corporate operations all over the globe.

However, some countries have gradually eased travel and border restrictions and allowed some businesses and corporate operations to re-open. Provided companies abide by health and safety protocols in place. We’re not back to normal yet, instead, we are creating a new normal – and there are major challenges coming with it. While everyone wants to catch up with work and get their businesses back up, things have been quite complicated – especially in terms of maintaining protocol with sanitation and social distancing. Such terms have made quite of a ripple, affecting every business industry there is, including travel.

Business travel is still restricted, and business travelers are hesitating to use public transportation. The corporate industry has to make necessary adjustments in order to resume operations while maintaining safety. Fortunately, the travel sectors are giving their best effort to adapt to the situation. Chauffeur Service and Limousine Transport in particular have been doing their best to alleviate current transport issues.

Putting things into perspective, traveling on a privately chauffeured vehicle can be a lot safer than public transportation. Chauffeur services allow key workers the chance to travel while keeping social distancing. However, getting back to service isn’t as easy as before, limousine service providers have to update their existing safety standards to keep up with the new normal, and to ensure the chauffeur and the passengers are safe.

Chauffeur Service | Limousine Service
The New Normal

Here are a few guidelines observed within the chauffeur service business under the new normal.

Regular Health Assessment

The chauffeurs’ health and well-being are a priority. The only way to provide the best limousine service to guests is by taking good care of the drivers.

Limousine service chauffeurs are advised to get their temperature checked twice daily. They are also cautioned to watch for symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle aches, tiredness, trouble breathing, sore throat, headache, runny nose, or new loss of taste or smell. In case any of the drivers display any symptoms, they will immediately be advised to take off work and seek medical attention. They will then wait for the doctor’s advice, whether to have they need a break, come back to work, or get in touch with the health ministry – if necessary.


The World Health Association has emphasized how effective sanitation and hygiene practices are vital towards averting the spread of the virus.

Under the new normal, limousine service fleets are cleaned and disinfected regularly. On top of all that, it is the chauffeurs’ responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle. The driver should also be responsible for making sure frequently-touched surfaces in the vehicle such as car door handles, armrests, buttons for windows and locks, and seatbelts are to be cleaned at least twice a day, in addition to routine cleaning. Moreover, visibly dirty surfaces should be cleaned right away. Drivers should also disinfect the vehicle after transporting medical patients (e.g. to and from hospital and other health care settings) and after transporting passengers who display respiratory symptoms (e.g. coughing, sneezing).

Basically, the chauffeur service industry just got a new mantra – Sanitize, Drive, Sanitize, Repeat.

Safety Measures – Respiratory Etiquette & Hand Hygiene

Aside from routine cleaning, disinfection, and regular health assessment, it is also important that chauffeurs practice proper respiratory Etiquette & hand Hygiene. This aspect is especially important in making sure that both the driver and the passengers are safe.


Chauffeurs are advised to wear masks. They will also be given an orientation with regards to the proper use of masks, and how to safely put it on and take it off.  This step is vital, considering the virus spreads through contaminated droplets from a person who is sneezing or coughing. Wearing masks is also mandatory for all passengers.


Chauffeurs are advised to regularly clean their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 15 seconds each time. Drivers are to make sure to sanitize their hands with an alcohol-based hand rub before and after driving each passenger. Chauffeurs will also make sure to use alcohol-based hand rub before and after handling passenger’s belongings (e.g. luggage, bags) or aiding guests.

Every vehicle will also have alcohol-based hand rub, disinfectant wipes, tissues, and hands-free disposal bins for drivers and passengers to use.

Safe Distancing

Passengers will be encouraged to sit in the back seat to maintain physical distance.  The chauffeur may also open the car window during the trip upon passengers’ request.

And while chauffeurs are recognized for being warm and accommodating, any form of physical greetings, such as handshakes, must be avoided. Everyone is reminded not to get in contact with each other for safety measures.

Local Safety Precautions

Singapore has launched the SafeEntry Check-in system to keep track of the crown coming in and out of an establishment. This is to aid the contact tracing efforts of the country. All passengers must scan the SafeEntry QR code upon boarding the vehicle, access the SafeEntry website, check-in, and fill-up the form with their details. Repeat the same process and check-out upon disembarking the vehicle.

Note that data collected by SafeEntry will only be used by authorized personnel for contact tracing purposes, if necessary. Stringent measures are in place to safeguard the data in accordance with the Government’s data security standards.

It is uncertain when this pandemic will end. It has already put the entire world to a halt, we cannot wait for things to go back to normal, we must adapt to the changes. We need to.

The chauffeur service industry suffered a blow when the entire world went on lockdown. Now that a new normal is being established, we are hoping to gain a footing once again, and continue to provide safe and reliable transportation. These steps, as simple as they may be, are keys to establishing a safe and comfortable environment for the chauffeurs and the passengers.

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