Limousine Service Singapore: Questions to Ask when Hiring a Chauffeur Service for you next Trip

Limousine Service Singapore: Questions to Ask when Hiring a Chauffeur Service for you next Trip

July 14, 2020

Chauffeur Service Singapore | Titanium Limousines

There are many things involved in planning a trip. It is important that you pay attention to every detail to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. We would not want your trip to be a bummer, would we? One of the most important factors for a successful event/trip is an efficient transportation and logistics partner. To help you decide on the best limousines and chauffeur service options, here are a few important questions you need to ask.

Chauffeur Service

Do you guarantee your chauffeur services?

You need a company you trust and rely on. Ask them this straightforward question and see how they respond. Reputable and reliable companies will not doubt their service.

What are the chauffeur service rates and what does it cover?

Of course, it is important to discuss the pricing. The Limousine Service company should be able to provide detailed rates and pricing, in relation to the number of passengers, schedule, route, and special requests. Make sure to ask about the inclusions of the rates to avoid confusion with your bill after the trip.

What is your policy for cancellations?

In unfortunate cases that you must cancel your trip, will the Limousines Service company allow cancellation of bookings? This one is especially important for trips that are booked months and months away. Make sure to bring up this concern to avoid unnecessary commotion if ever an unforeseen situation comes up and your trip is canceled.

How do you screen your chauffeur service drivers?

Apart from making sure the reliability of the company, it is also important to ask about the chauffeurs. You want to be sure that you are going to be in safe hands. Commercial Limousine Service companies should have trained professional chauffeurs. They should be able to handle the stress of the road. You may also ask about the license, insurance, and training.

What else does the company offer?

Ask for other offers. You may need a tour guide or a translator, you can ask your Limousine Service provider if its something they can arrange. This is guaranteed to get you a good deal.

What models do you offer?

Ask what kind of vehicles are included in the company’s fleet and if you can see them. Legitimate companies would be more than willing to show you their fleet. This will help you decide which one you would want for your trip, and you can also get input from the limo service company as to what would suit you best. You may also ask about the age of the fleet. The newer the vehicles, the better.

How are the cars maintained?

Maintenance is the key to safety. Ask the Limousine Service provider about their maintenance SOP. You would want to make sure the vehicles are in pristine condition, especially if you are hiring the limo service for a business event. The vehicles should look good. And of course, you want the vehicles to be in excellent condition for a safer journey. 

What are your ratings?

Find out what clients say about the Limousine Service provider. If you see that a company has good reviews, you feel confident that they will be a great choice for your needs. 

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