Limousine Service Singapore | Tips for Choosing the Best Limousine Service

Limousine Service Singapore | Tips for Choosing the Best Limousine Service

June 27, 2020

Limousine Service Singapore | Chauffeur Service Singapore | Titanium Limousines Pte Ltd

Your big day is coming, all is set. Now, you want to add a little touch of class to your big day – you decide to hire a limousine service. With the numerous numbers of companies offering transport services, you will have a hard time choosing. At a glance, all of them claim to offer the best service, how do you pick the right one?

Let us give you a few tips to help you choose the right limousine service that fits your needs.

Most of us would go straight and request for quotes, then choose the most reasonable price and go with it. However, you might consider doing a little bit more than just quotes, there are more factors you need to look into to make sure you pick the right one.

Limousine Service
Spotting Limousine Services Red Flags

Check out their Fleets

Limousine Service companies in Singapore often have plenty of car choices in their fleets. You need to assess which type of car you need for your big day. Titanium Limousines for one has a range of options from classy Mercedes S-class to E-class, there are also bigger options for a spacious and comfortable ride like the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire, for bigger events, there are 13-Seaters, Mercedes Viano and V-Class, even Buses and Coach.

It is important that you have plenty of options so you can accurately assess which one you need.

Shop Smart, Not Cheap

The biggest mistake you can make when choosing a limousine service is picking the cheapest price without considering other factors. You should not base your decision solely on the lowest price. Sometimes this could pose a lot of risks for you. Some unethical operators will not hesitate to lower down prices for a few crooked practices or maybe a dirty history. You do not want to be the client whose limousine service flakes on them right on their big day. Shop smart, not cheap.

Check Referrals

Legitimate companies have reviews on Google and testimonies on their websites. You should consider looking into that to make sure you are dealing with the right company. Check out the brands and companies they have worked with. Legitimate companies would often put it on their websites.

Ask About Insurance and Permits

Safety is of utmost priority. Make sure your limousine service company operates with proper permits and certifications. Do they have insurance? Are they a ‘fly-by-night’ business? Legitimate companies secure legal documents to ensure their operations adhere to the law.

Avoid the risk, make sure to assess your options. Do not be fooled by the “best price”. Do your homework. This will make sure your big day is going to be perfect.  

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