How COVID-19 Will Change Business Travel | Titanium Limousines Pte Ltd

How COVID-19 Will Change Business Travel | Titanium Limousines Pte Ltd

August 1, 2020

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Covid-19 has forced the entire world to a halt and left everyone grounded at home. But since the economy can only slow down and not stop, businesses found themselves in an era of work-from-home employees and virtual conferences. With the pandemic not showing signs of disappearing anytime soon, businesses are left wondering, when will corporate travel restart?

While it might be too soon to be asking this question, we just cannot deny that virtual conferencing cannot replicate the experience of meeting in person. Dave Hilfman, executive director of the Global Business Travel Association says, “People getting together face-to-face is the only way to achieve ultimate success in business,” – this is particularly true, nothing equals to seeing clients and colleagues in person. Building strong business relationships requires presence, even a simple handshake or a tap in the back can make a huge difference – and that is something Zoom and other telecommuting mediums cannot give.

Future of Chauffeur Service
Future of Chauffeur Service

When Will Business Travel Be Back?

Given the absolute importance of business travel, we might be looking at corporate

travellers starting to move soon. An article by CNTraveler has anticipated Corporate travel to recover as much as 70 percent overall by May of next year, assuming a best-case scenario.

Going Virtual

Innovators are working thrice as hard to provide corporate virtual solutions, giving huge corporations a medium to go digital. While it is still not safe to travel, and strict border control is still in place for most countries – telecommuting is here to stay.

A Demand on Private Chauffeured and Limousine Service

With news of airlines removing middle rows from aircraft to aid social distancing on flight, many are still having doubts about air travel. Experts are anticipating airlines to take a hit even after travel restrictions are eased.  

Corporate travel managers are looking for safer ways to travel and private chauffeured services tick the right boxes. Journalist Matthew Parsons said this about ground travel, “Straight away, that imagery makes you think “is this the safest way to travel”, so I think the short-term impact will be a huge demand for ground transport. Maybe not the car-sharing, but in those initial phases I think they will replace rail travel, short-haul flights potentially,”

In perspective, chauffeur and limousine services can be a lot safer. The risk of getting exposed to the COVID-19 virus is low considering that guests travel in their own chauffeured vehicles. Note that limo service providers have placed strict safety protocols including regular monitoring of chauffeurs’ health, extra sanitation process, and emphasis on respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene for drivers.  

Elevated Cleanliness and Safety Measures is the New Standard

Extra emphasis on sanitation and cleanliness will be the new normal. For the travel and transport service sector to withstand this pandemic, ensuring the safety of clients and guests should be of top priority. Safety protocols have to be in place to give people confidence and assure travellers.


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