Limousine Service Singapore: Fun Facts About Limousine and Chauffeur Service

Limousine Service Singapore: Fun Facts About Limousine and Chauffeur Service

December 30, 2020

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When you hear about limousine service or chauffeur service, what comes to your mind? Luxury? Opulence? Lavish? 

While limousine and chauffeur services are often associated with an elite lifestyle, there’s more to it than just extravagance and glamour. Here are a few trivia and fun facts about Limousine and Chauffeur service that you might not have known.

limousine service singapore
limousine service singapore

Limousine Service Fact #1: 

The name “Limousine” came from the word “Limousin” which is a region in France. The design of the first limousine resembled the traditional cloak and hood worn by shepherds in that region to protect themselves from the weather, hence the name “Limousine”

Limousine Service Fact #2:

Limousine is not a brand. The word limousine refers to vehicles with certain characteristics. Generally, a limousine is a large, luxurious car, has a partition in between the driver and the passengers’ side, and is driven by a chauffeur. 

Limousine Service Fact #3:

Limousines have been around since the 1500s and only the wealthiest in society can enjoy such a luxurious experience. Back then, luxury transport were horse-drawn carriages, which were often ordained with gold and pulled by the finest steeds. 

Limousine Service Fact #4:

It wasn’t until 1902 when the first luxury automobile was introduced. This is around the same time when the first time automobiles were invented. 

The first limousine cars were steam-powered that requires the driver to sit in a compartment, separate from the passengers, and stoke the engine. This is how the named chauffeur came about. Chauffeur, in French, means to stoke or to heat.

The first limousine was designed to have the driver seat outside the main compartment as the design of the first automobiles where focused on passengers’ privacy. 

Limousine Service Fact #5:

The first contemporary air conditioning was built in 1939 by a New York-based company for limousines and luxury automobiles. 

Limousine Service Fact #6: 

The widely know stretch limousines today was built in 1928. It was built in Arkansas and Fort Smith, by an Armbruster Company.

Limousine Service Fact #7: 

The longest limousine ever recorded was a hundred feet long. It was manufactured in California in 1997 and holds the Guinness Book Record. It had 26 wheels and had two driver cabins (one is at the front end and the other is at the back).

Limousine Service Fact #8:

In the era of old Hollywood, the limousine has been a symbol of fame and power’. If an actor or an actress in the 1930s didn’t arrive in a stretch limousine, they were not considered to be true VIPs.

Limousine Service Fact #9:

The limousine has evolved so much since the 1500s. Many modifications and improvements have been made by each manufacturer to address every consumer’s needs.

The US Presidential limousine for one has a combination of high-end features to keep its passenger safe. 

The presidential state car – also called The Beast – has five-inch thick bulletproof glass and polycarbonate windows that don’t roll down, except the driver’s window which rolls down just a few inches. Its doors are a few inches thick with bullet-proofing material, its body is lined with five inch-thick armor composed of steel, aluminum, ceramic, and titanium. Steel reinforcements are installed in gaps joining body panes to ensure the cabin is completely secure from bullets and other projectiles. The limousine is built to withstand terrestrial bombs and explosions. 

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