Limousine Service Singapore: How to Avoid Travel Scam While on a Business Trip

Limousine Service Singapore: How to Avoid Travel Scam While on a Business Trip

December 9, 2020

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Business Travel has been proven to be the best way to build great relationships, expand a network, and get access to bigger and better business opportunities. Business trips are always a priority for every company, and for good reasons.

One of the main reasons why business travel is important is the personal interaction that builds good foundations for a future or existing relationship. The act of simply showing up gives the impression that matters at hand are valued and given the utmost importance. Taking the time out to travel and meet with people in-person can help them see how invested the company is in their success. Discussing business in person also reduces the chance of miscommunications and shows a great sense of harmony.

Going on a business trip and represent a company is a dream for many people. It’s a huge opportunity, and the chance to visit and do some sightseeing in a different country is a great added bonus.

However, while some tend to be focused on the challenging opportunity of business traveling, or maybe get too excited to stroll and explore, they happen to forget possible misfortune that might happen during their travel. Sometimes, not knowing about the culture and locals can cause some unwanted misfortunes. Remember that sometimes, there are people who like to take advantage of foreign visitors. So, it’s important to prepare for everything before going on a company trip.

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To help out, here are a few tips on how to avoid travel scams while on a business trip.

Do your research

Make sure to research ahead of time so you can plan your activities accordingly. Sometimes, not knowing a country’s background or culture could end up us unintentionally offending people. Or even break the law. If you’re traveling for business, make sure to educate yourself about these kinds of information. You wouldn’t want to compromise your business trip by getting in trouble for some innocent mistakes, right?

Research about transport services, and your accommodations to avoid unnecessary hiccups and delays. You may also lookup sights and places you’d like to visit ahead of time, so you can include them on your schedule.

Most importantly, educate yourself about the common crimes in the area. This practice can save and help you immediately identify the possible illicit behavior as soon as it happens. Make sure to look up where, how, and who to contact in case something unfortunate happens.

Be Alert

Sometimes, as you travel, you cannot help but get fascinated by the sights and everything happening around you. This is one of the situations where scammers and frauds could easily target you as their next victim. Be careful, wherever you are or whatever you’re doing. Keep an eye on your belongings, avoid crowded areas where a lot of pickpockets could be lurking. As much as possible, avoid talking to strangers. It’s unfortunate, but not all locals are very pleasant. Always be alert to your surroundings.

Watch your Purchases

One exciting thing about going to a different country is the chance to go shopping. Whether it’s luxury products or simple souvenirs, be mindful of your purchases.

When in a foreign country, you are most likely going to be using a different currency and the exchange rates can sometimes be confusing. Frauds would usually take advantage of this situation and charge you more for your purchases. Research about exchange rates in advance and make yourself familiar with the usual cost of goods in the area.

Credit card scams are rife in some countries as well. Make sure to contact your bank about your travel, and make sure to set SMS alerts on your phone to help you keep track of credit card spending.

Ask for Assistance

In case something happens, look for authorities around the area. Better yet, go to a police station. You cannot ask strangers on the street especially if you are concerned about who are frauds and who can be trusted.

You may also seek help from a tourist assistance help desk, most tourist spots have them, in case visitors need help.

You should research the country’s emergency hotline as well, so you know who to call in case you need help.

Choose a Reliable Limousine Service Provider

Sometimes, frauds cloak themselves as legitimate parties. And these types of tricksters are the dangerous ones. There are situations where they would pretend as travel agents, get people to pay, and then disappear. And there are frauds everywhere. They can pretend to be travel agents, chauffeur service providers, tour coordinators, anything imaginable. Don’t be a victim. Make sure to only deal with legitimate service providers.

Look them up on the internet. Ask for registration numbers. Look for reviews. Be vigilant.

There are a lot of reliable and trustworthy providers that can help you on your trip. As a business traveler, you need a company that can help ease the challenges that come with business travel. With Titanium Limousines, we take care of all you transport service from the moment you land on Singapore Changi Airport to the time you’re ready to fly back home. Let us take charge of your itinerary, take you from one meeting venue to another. You can trust us to drive you safe and make sure you get to your appointments on time.

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