The Obvious Differences between a Driver and a Chauffeur

The Obvious Differences between a Driver and a Chauffeur

December 5, 2023

In an industry seemingly exclusive to the wealthy, drivers and chauffeurs may appear interchangeable to most of us at first glance. However, if you’re considering hiring one, you’ll soon realise that the two roles are actually different, especially in terms of the quality of services provided. Should you ever require a chauffeur driven car rental in Singapore for a business trip, a special event, and so on, it’s important to understand the differences between a chauffeur and a driver. Here’s what the former can offer you.


Types of Services Offered

A driver’s core function is to operate a vehicle and transport passengers to and from their destinations. More often than not, this is where their responsibilities end. A chauffeur for hire in Singapore, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive service. Besides driving, they also provide quality, personalised assistance, from opening doors to assisting with loading and unloading luggages. Essentially, a crucial part of a chauffeur’s role is to ensure that every aspect of your journey is smooth and convenient. They are required to be sensitive to your needs, as well as provide information about the local area, suggest excellent dining options, and offer valuable insight into local culture and attractions. All in all, it is a much more holistic experience than just being ferried from point A to B.


Quality of Service Offered

Image of a chauffeur serving a passenger with a smile

When it comes to the quality of service, there is a huge distinction between a driver and a personal chauffeur in Singapore. A driver puts in effort insofar as to adhere to essential safety and traffic rules, but may not prioritise other factors like punctuality, presentation, or passenger comfort. A chauffeur for hire in Singapore, by comparison, is dedicated to going way above and beyond the basics. This encompasses not just safe and efficient driving, but also attention to detail, professionalism, and an all-round commitment to the well-being of the passenger. To paint a picture, chauffeurs are essentially the fine dining version of drivers; this can also be observed based on the physical appearance of the vehicle, their demeanour, and other elements that are carefully curated to create


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Training and Experience

Image of a client enjoying chauffeur services

Based on the difference in roles and services provided, it comes as no surprise that a driver and a personal chauffeur in Singapore vary greatly in terms of training and experience as well. As far as the former is concerned, a standard driver’s licence is required, but that’s about all it takes for one to qualify as a driver. However, a chauffeur for hire in Singapore is required to undergo specialised training that hones their skills in important areas, such as etiquette, hospitality, safety protocols, and customer service. This reflects the stark increase in responsibilities that a chauffeur has to take on.

It is also for this reason that a chauffeur driven car rental in Singapore is the preferred option for high-profile individuals, VIPs, and other important dignitaries, with the assurance that the entire journey will be taken care of by the chauffeur, including ad-hoc issues that could crop up in a typically busy VIP schedule, such as last-minute changes in plans, rush-hour traffic, and so on.


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